School donation

School donation, Paparangi School
School donation, Paparangi School
School donation, Paparangi School

School donations are used to help bridge the funding gap and are vitally important to help provide valuable resources and enhance our learning environment. You would have seen or heard about some of the improvements that have been completed over the past few years, for example, the upgrade of Rooms 6-8, the new library, extra reading recovery and additional learning support in classes provided by teacher aides. This year donations will contribute to funding extra teacher aide hours, playground improvements, digital devices and additional learning support.

Each year the Board of Trustees review the donation structure to make sure that donations, while voluntary, are still affordable and at a fair cost for every family. This year we are asking for a $130 donation from families with one child. If you have more than one child attending Paparangi School the donation is one amount of $200. There are several different ways that you can make your school donation.

 For example:

  1. A single full payment of $130 per child or $200 per family (available on Kindo)

  2. A payment per term of $32.50 per child or $50 per family (available on Kindo)

  3. Fortnightly, weekly or monthly payments (can be arranged with the school office or on Kindo)

  4. Some workplaces also offer ‘Workplace Giving’ where you can arrange for the school donation payment to be deducted automatically from your wages or salary, with your workplace calculating all the tax allowances as well.

It is important to remember that school donations are a voluntary, tax-deductible payment and you can claim 33.3% of this payment back in your tax return. The following link provides all the information you need to ensure that you are claiming the correct amount of tax credits

We thank school families for their continued support.