PB4AL-Positive Behaviour for Adventurous Learning

Paparangi School is a PB4L school. PB4L is an acronym that stands for ‘Positive Behaviour for Learners’. We add in an extra A to make our acronym PB4AL –  Positive Behavior for Adventurous Learners. PB4L is a Ministry of Education programme that helps schools get the best of their students by recognising, promoting, and acknowledging positive behaviour in children. At Paparangi school, children are given kowhai tokens when they are seen to be showing one, or more of our school values – Grit, Respect, Others, or Wonder.

The tokens go towards a collective reward for the whole school. We find children love receiving a kowhai token and look forward to our school-wide rewards. These are diverse experiences ranging from discos, onesie days, and whole school play afternoons.  The kowhai was chosen as a symbol for our school because the kowhai has a long association with Paparangi school. Previously school leavers were given a kowhai tree as a leaving present and we have many kowhai trees growing that have beautiful yellow blossoms in springtime. By using the kowhai as a symbol we are remembering the past and looking forward to the future.