Our Values

Grit, Respect, Others and Wonder or GROW!

These values were introduced in 2019 after extensive consultation with the community, staff, and children. The values highlight the dispositions and attitudes that we feel are important growing adventurous learners. The values are incorporated into the everyday life of the school and are important to the children and staff





a combination of courage, perseverance and passion

caring and kindness, integrity, empathy and honesty 

community, teamwork, responsibility, leadership and service to others; 

a sense of belonging and knowing our place in the world.

curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm and learning

We keep trying even when things are tricky. We do the best we can.”

We care about and look after people, places and property.”

We get along with others.”

We love learning!”

Grit, because learning can be tricky and we have to be resilient and adaptable.

Respect, for ourselves, others and the environment.

Others, the value emphasises how we think about other people and how we can behave in a way that is responsible, caring and courteous.

Wonder, because as a school we value the sense of awe, wonder and curiosity that is a part of childhood and learning.