Digital Safety

Digital Safety – keeping safe online

For safety reasons, it’s important that there is an adult in the room during any video teaching that occurs. Other key messages are:

Pause and Think before you go online. This catchy song will help explain it: Pause and Think Online:

Use your head: Check that the websites and emails are from trusted sources.

Use your arms: Balance the time that you spend online or on devices with other activities.

Use your gut: Report anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable to a trusted adult.

Use your legs: Stand up to cyberbullying by reporting it to a trusted adult. Ask them to help you block bullies and report them.

Use your feet: Be mindful of your digital footprint. Keep personal information and passwords private.

Use your heart: Show people respect on the internet and make kind and helpful posts or comments.

The MOE has teamed up with other digital providers to help keep students safe online. Go to for advice and instructions on how to install the right settings on devices.