Board of Trustees

Paparangi School is governed by a democratically elected group of people called the Board of Trustees. These trustees make important decisions about our school’s strategic direction, student progress, management, school culture and more.

Being a trustee is an important and rewarding role. Parents, caregivers and people who believe in making a positive difference to our children’s learning can all be trustees.

The Paparangi School Board of Trustees meets twice a term. Meeting times and dates are advised on the school’s calendar of events and in the fortnightly school newsletter.

All Board meetings are public and everyone is invited to attend. Should you wish to have speaking rights at a Board meeting, it is requested that the topic, who is speaking and an appropriate contact number be advised to the Board of Trustees Secretary via the school office by Wednesday before the meeting date advertised.

The current Board of Trustees is comprised of:

  1. Board Chair/Presiding Member– Helen Ashton 

  2. Duncan Kennington

  3. Cameron Sherley

  4. Richard Ng

  5. Gary Mitchell

  6. Principal – Tracey Arthurs

  7. Staff Elected Representative – Amanda Newbery

If you would like to contact any member of the board, the school office staff will be happy to provide contact details.